City Driving Tips

City Driving Tips

Get the Perfect Toyota for City Driving at Pearson Toyota

Driving in a big city might as well be a sport. After all, you have to deal with clogged roadways, difficult parking situations, tons of red lights, and seemingly never-ending construction. You also have to fear car theft, just for good measure. All of these things can turn even the mildest mannered person into a screaming, raving lunatic. The good news is there are a few tips that you can follow to make your driving life in the city a little bit easier, from choosing the right car or while you're out on the road. Here at Pearson Toyota, we have come up with some tips to make your city travels more enjoyable.

Get the Right Car

Sometimes you need to find quick street parking and one of the things that will help you is your car size. Some parking spaces are made for compact cars only, and if you do a lot of city driving, having a smaller car can work wonders. It will not only make parking easier but also help prevent dents, dings, and scrapes. Another thing to consider is whether you want a manual or automatic transmission. While manual transmission vehicles may be fun, driving one in stop-and-go traffic makes things more stressful, especially in cities with many hills. Ensure that you weigh what transmission you need if you're going to be traveling to the city a lot. Another thing to keep in mind is that traveling in the city tends to use a lot of gas so pick a car with some good gas mileage, which Toyota has an abundance of! Check out our lot here at Pearson Toyota!

Get Parking Assist Technology

No one likes the sound of a truck backing up, but the electronic chime of the parking assist technology will help you get in and out of small spaces without trouble, and it might also prevent you from slamming into the vehicle behind you. While rear parking sensors are ubiquitous and versions of Toyota's have them in the front. There are also Toyota vehicles, such as the Sienna, which come with a rear-mounted camera that will project an image of what's behind you on the navigation screen, which might be a little easier than simply relying on your ears. Certain technologies such as Parallel Parking Assist have also recently become available.

Keep Mileage in Mind

Make sure that you're not speeding up to slow down. If you press down on the accelerator right when the light turns green, then slam on the brakes one street down, you're going to be hurting both your vehicle and the gas mileage. Instead, go lightly on your accelerator and coast as much as you can. If you find yourself in bumper-to-bumper traffic, you can improve your fuel economy by putting the car in neutral instead of riding the brakes. Also, never try to get around the city on a quarter tank of gas. Gas stations can get expensive if you're filling up constantly! 

Replace your Cabins Air Filter

Driving in the city means that your cabin will eventually become filled with smog and soot. Your air filter protects you and your passengers from breathing the worst that the city has to offer. By the time a stranger has written "Wash Me" on your windshield, it's time to change your air filter. Here at Pearson Toyota, we are more than happy to replace your cabin's air filter if needed.

Approach Cautiously

Driving is harder if you're new to the city. Locals always know what streets are best to avoid, but those who are new don't. It might behoove you to check to see if there is construction before heading out into the city. If a two-lane interstate suddenly becomes an eight-lane expressway as you get into the city, be sure to get into one of the far-right lanes. This will allow you to slow down so you can read unfamiliar signs. If your exit comes up on you too quickly and you're not in the right lane, don't cross over multiple lanes of traffic to make your exit. Instead, get off at the next exit and work your way back. If the next exit is a long way off, be sure to check your map or GPS. Triangulating your destination might be faster than doubling back to the highway.

Get your Toyota Ready for the City at Pearson Toyota

The most important thing you need to do before you head into the city is making sure that your vehicle is up to snuff. So be sure to get your oil changed, tires rotated, and fluids topped off by heading down to Pearson Toyota! Our experts are more than happy to go over every inch of your vehicle to make sure it's in top condition. You can make an appointment either on our website or in person here at our dealership. If you're in the market for a new Toyota, we can help you with that as well. Check out our entire showroom in person or here on our website. We look forward to serving you here at Pearson Toyota!

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