Tips for a Summer Road Trip

Tips for a Summer Road Trip

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Now that summer has finally arrived, you're probably getting ready to take your Toyota out for a nice long ride. Well, and your family, too. We are here to let you know some helpful tips that could make your road trip go smoother than ever this year. Everyone really wants to take advantage of their time off, and we want to make sure that you, your family, and your Toyota, are prepared for anything that might happen along the way. Want to find out more? Keep reading down below to get the helpful tips you need to ensure that when you're out on the open road, you are nothing but confident in where you're going, and the vehicle that you're driving.

Car check-up

Before you go anywhere, we highly recommend scheduling a service appointment with Pearson Toyota. We will make sure that your vehicle is in good working order, so that way you don't have to deal with any major issues along your travels. We will be looking at the oil filter and levels, the air filter, transmission fluid, tire pressure and tread depth, and even your battery and brakes. Should we find any issues, we'll make sure that they're fixed before you are scheduled to leave on your trip.

Plan route

Your Toyota is in top shape now, which means that it's time to figure out the route you want to take on your trip. You likely want to stop by some of the good landmarks in the area, places for your kids, and even stops that you want to eat at. Luckily, many Toyota vehicles come with built-in navigation, making this simpler than ever. However, it's always good to know where you're headed, and where you want to make your stops.

Pack correctly

No matter how prepared you are, it's important that you are bringing the right things with you as you get ready. Beyond your personal items, and things like snacks and drinks, your vehicle might require a different set of items. We recommend bringing jumper cables, an inflated spare tire, a first-aid kit, rope, duct tape, a flashlight with batteries, and a tire pressure gauge.

Drive safely

We don't want to sound preachy, but when you're on a road trip, one of the best ways to be safe is to simply drive with extra care and caution. Don't be an aggressive, offensive driver. Instead, go with the flow, accept that sometimes you'll miss a turn, and know that your Toyota is prepared with safety features to ensure that you and your passengers are in good hands.

Schedule Service at Pearson Toyota

Are you ready? We recommend scheduling a service appointment with us, and we'll make sure that our certified technicians look over your Toyota closely. We'll make sure that your vehicle stays on the road, and your trip doesn't experience any unwanted detours. Have fun this summer, and stay safe!

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