Tips for Driving at Night

Tips for Driving at Night

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You're not paranoid; driving at night is more dangerous than driving during the day. The main reason behind this obvious as it's far more challenging to see at night than in the daylight. You see far less of the road ahead of you, and you have less room to stop. The problem gets worse when you have to deal with too-bright lights, further exacerbating the problem. There are tons of other factors to contribute to why it's challenging to drive at night, which is why we here at Pearson Toyota want to help. Continue reading as we go over some tips to help you with your night driving excursion.

Drive Defensive

Distracted driving poses a higher risk of an accident, so you must put your phone away before you drive. This is especially true at night as visibility is scarce. Of course, distracted driving is never a good idea, no matter what time of day it is, but it's crucial to have our defensive driving instincts on high alert at night. Driving drowsy is another big no-no as accidents are more likely to occur during the hours of midnight and six in the morning. Be aware that during these times, there may be more drowsy drivers on the road. Stay extra alert during these times. Grab some caffeine, pull over in a safe area to get some sleep, or stop at a motel for the evening. You can also turn on the radio, roll down the windows for some fresh air, or talk or sing to yourself.

Clean your windshield

A dirty or a damaged windshield can impact your ability to see clearly at night by increasing the effects of the glare. Additionally, dirty or damaged headlights can decrease your visibility and cast a glare on oncoming drivers. Be sure to clean your headlights and your windshield regularly and use a cleaning kit on your headlights. If you need to have your headlights replaced, be sure to head down to Pearson Toyota, where our experts will have them replaced quickly and efficiently.

Drive Slower

Speeding at night tends to cause accidents due to the lower visibility and slower reaction times. To give you an example, your headlights typically shine 160 feet in front of you, but even at 40 mph, you're going to need around 190 feet of space to stop. Be sure to adjust your speed to take things like visibility and road conditions into account. You also might want to avoid two-lane highways as they are bad for nighttime glare due to the headlight from the oncoming cars, lower light levels, and the fact that these roads tend to have more hills and sharp curves. If you can, find a safer route.

Use highbeams when needed

More often than not, our highbeams are underutilized, but they can be beneficial on rural or open roads. Just be sure to dim them when you're within 500 feet of an oncoming vehicle. That way, you don't blind the oncoming driver. Be sure not to use them when you're following another driver, as those lights can temporarily blind the person ahead of you as well. If you are looking to purchase a new vehicle, check for ones with adaptive lighting systems that will automatically adjust your high beams depending on the presence of other cars. There are Toyota vehicles that come equipped with adaptive lighting, and you can check them out for yourself by heading down to Pearson Toyota.

Look in the right direction and watch for wildlife

While you should always be keeping your eyes on the road, you should avoid a fixed gaze and never stare at the oncoming headlights. When you are approached by an oncoming vehicle, shift your eyes downward and to the right. You can use the right edge of the road or lane markings as an easy guide to staying on track. Lift your gaze back up when you have passed the vehicle. Additionally, you must watch out for wildlife. Collisions with deer are likely to happen at dusk and are expected from October to January. Use your high beams to help you spot an animals glowing eyes. When you see an animal, slow down and stop rather than swerve.

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