Everything You Need to Know about ToyotaCare

Everything You Need to Know about ToyotaCare

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So you've heard about ToyotaCare, but you aren't sure exactly what the plane includes? Well, you've come to the right place! When you join the Toyota family, your ownership experience starts with ToyotaCare. ToyotaCare is a no-cost maintenance plan with 24-hour roadside assistance. The plan covers normal factory scheduled maintenance for your Corolla, Tacoma, RAV4, and Highlander for two years or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first. The plan also includes roadside assistance for two years and unlimited miles. To learn even more about ToyotaCare, you're going to want to keep reading down below.

What is the no-cost maintance plan?

Great question! The no-cost maintenance plan includes ToyotaCare recommended services such as tire rotations, multi-point vehicle inspection, oil changes, and inspection and adjustments of all fluid levels. When you have ToyotaCare, and you bring your Prius, Camry, or 4Runner to us here at Pearson Toyota, one of our Toyota-trained technicians will complete your standard maintenance, which improves the health of your Toyota. Toyota will also send you a reminder before your scheduled maintenance is due, so you never miss an oil change, tire rotation, or multi-point inspection.

Can you tell me more about the recommended services?

Oil Changes & Oil Filter Replacement

An oil change may seem like something that can be pushed off, but it isn't. Regular oil changes keep your engine healthy and helps you avoid costly engine repairs later down the road. If you ignore your oil change long enough your liquid oil will turn to a gelatinous slug that is no longer capable of lubricating all the moving parts in your engine. If your engine oil isn't doing its job, all those moving parts will start rubbing together and eventually break. When your Toyota-trained technician replaces your engine oil they will also replace your oil filter so the new clean oil can be properly filtered.

Tire Rotation

Tire rotations are essential to prolonging the life of your tires. If you're wondering why it is because keeping up with regular tire rotation prevents one set of tires from wearing out faster than the other. For example, if you drive a front-wheel-drive Corolla you're front tires are going to wear out a lot faster than the rear tires because the front tires are in charge of both power and steering. When you bring your Sienna, Avalon, or Yaris in for a tire rotation your Toyota-trained technicians will follow the recommended tire rotation pattern. 

What is a Multi-Point Inspection

A multi-point inspection is a great way to find out the health of your Toyota. When you have a multi-point inspection completed your Toyota-trained technicians wil inspect your fluid levels, engine air filter, water and air conditioning hoses, checking on the health of your brakes, inspecting tire tread levels, headlights, alignment, checking how much life your battery has left, and more. These inspections will let you know which items are in good health, may need to be replaced soon, and what items need to be replaced or fixed immediately.

ToyotaCare in Newport News, VA

We here at Pearson Toyota are excited to offer such an exceptional plan as ToyotaCare! Whether you purchased your Toyota with us or a different dealer we are excited to keep your Toyota running in pristine condition! To set up a service appointment with us, please click here or give us a call.

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