Toyota Tire Services Newport News

Toyota Tire Services Newport News

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Everyone knows that one of the most important aspects of a vehicle that needs to be taken care of is the tires. They are often unsung heroes that deal with doing all of the heavy lifting, including giving you traction in poor weather conditions. That is why, especially as the weather starts to turn, we want you to be aware of how you can best keep your Toyota vehicle's tires in great condition. Our service center here at Pearson Toyota is here to make sure that your tires are in perfect condition, and we'll help do everything we can to keep it that way. Read down below for more information on some of the best ways you can keep your tires in great condition, and how a reliable service center will be able to help you out.

Check pressure and wear patterns:

One of the first things we recommend when dealing with tires is making sure that they are inflated properly. You will want to check our owner's manual, and see what the PSI should be. At our service center, we can make sure that we release the right amount of air, or add some in if necessary. While this is happening, it's important to check out the wear patterns of your tires. If you notice that your tires are wearing unevenly, it might be time to get your tires balanced once more.

Tire treads:

You've heard plenty about tire treads as someone who owns a vehicle. They are the point in which all of the traction that you get comes from, and the lack of a tire tread means that your tires are not performing the way they should. One test that we highly recommend, which anyone can do, is the penny test! All you have to do is put a penny, head down, into your tire treads. If you can see the top of Lincoln's head, then you are most definitely in need of a new set of tires, especially before the winter hits.

Tire rotation and alignment:

There are a few key things with your tires, besides the tread, that you need to be keeping up with. Some important maintenance includes wheel alignment, tire balance, and tire rotation. Most people recommend that you rotate your tires every 5,000 to 7,000 miles, and when you rotate your tires, get them balanced, too. These are some helpful steps that your local service department here at Pearson Toyota can help you with! It's best to get this done along with other maintenance, such as oil changes.

Seasonal tires:

One lesser thought about tire service is making sure that you have the right tires for the right season. Many people simply opt for all-season tires, but some might enjoy the benefits of switching to snow tires, or in the summer, summer tires. This could be an easy way to gain more traction, and skip out on all of that slipping.

Toyota Tire Services at Pearson Toyota

We hope that this list of tire services and things to look out for with your tires is a great first step for being more aware of your vehicle. We know that at our service center, our professionals are here to help you with whatever issues you might be having. Whether you need brand new tires, or just a rotation, we're here to help!

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